Developing and defining strategies, business models and processes to drive sales and revenues is one thing. Aligning activities and behaviors to them, is another thing. In between these two perspectives, there is almost always a gap. A gap that is sometimes hard to close as there isn’t leadership bandwidth enough, to follow-up and coach the sales reps based on alignment and performance. Even if it is, it’s quite common that then insights are based on assumptions or effected of cognitive dissonance, which makes us think that we talk about the same things, but really isn’t. Are you a start-up, sole trader or an executive without anyone to coach you, it’s even harder.

We sales skills and sales performance in an interactive collaborative way, where we work hands-on together we the sales reps and sales team. Our approach and methodology is to coach operationally. The insights and analysis of the current state and the gaps that needs to be closed, will appear simultaneously as the sales team is upgrading their alignment and performance. Insights and analysis that can be used to upgrade strategies, business modells or processes too. With this method, you do not lose any operational sales time by spending days in a class room attending a classic sales training session.

So simply put – we can be your sales coach that co-pilot the operational sales activities in the field, that drives immediate results.