Making sure the Customer Experience meets the expectations and promises, is fundamental in todays transparent digital world. We are focusing on three phases – pre, during and after purchase, do enable a seamless/connected customer journey. We’re used to focus on the phases pre and during, but the after purchase phase will get more and more important. This is also how most companies is organized, which creates a silo functionality with little or no of the fundamental collaboration in between the departments, which is needed to enable a seamless/connected customer journey and a great customer experience.

For products, services and solutions that get’s connected, where user data is accessible to both producers, customers and users – the need of a seamless experience is key. But also for retailers with physical shops, which have a hard time competing with smart on-line web shops. A physical retail store without the ability to add value thru professional personal interaction, will most likely ousted by intelligent web shops. We strive to ensure authentic customer success for a long term sustain success – which makes customer experience absolute key.

But – who is responsible for the customer experience and success? A customer experience director? Not the optimal way we see it. It’s rather an indication that something is wrong – rather then right. Who could possibly be more accountable than the sales team for their customers experience and success, then the sales organization. We know that this is not the way the most organization see’s this or is organized, but there is good reasons to be, if you strive for sustained success.