Design and facilitation of strategy and change

In a world of constant change – adaptability, vitalization and transformation of existing business is a key ability. Disruptive initiatives like AirBnB, Über, Alibaba dramatically changes business models faster than ever. Digitalization not only transform of products to service, but changes business relations and business culture, for ever. The biggest possible game changer is to become data driven. Where products or services increase, instead of decrease in value by usage. We facilitate processes and advise on how to upgrade and vitalizing strategies, operational capabilities, customer offerings. And fore most assists to leaders to make the transformation happen. We assist in designing and facilitating:

  • In vitalization and transformation of business purpose and business models.
  • Smart eco-systems.
  • Digitization of existing business to become data driven.
  • Digitalization of products to be enhanced to or transformed to services.
  • Defining and upgrading corporate brand platforms.
  • Change management and implementation.

As of 2016 – we founded a syster company, focusing on supporting business transformation when enabling smart products, services and solutions thru IoT. More information and details is found at Keep Getting Smarter.