The most successful companies have a clear purpose, a good sales strategy, a great value-proposition and is adaptive and agile to change needs and opportunities. Foremost they are great in executing their strategy and is delivering on their promises, both internally and externally. Creating a clear picture of “What does good look like” in terms of customer experience, is a fundamental key to success. Most companies can explain their strategies in theory but can describe the envisioned customer experience in practice. We work with all aspects of the commercial side of business, both with in B2B and B2C, the most common areas are:

  • Upgrade and vitalization of commercial strategy, value-proposition and operation.
  • Transformation from product focus to solution focus by assisting customers to realize the purpose and targets.
  • Transformation – from sell-in to sell-out
  • Training and coaching of sales staff – to improve capabilities and performance.
  • Sales management and leadership.
  • Creating and accelerate new business – insight sales of new solutions or to new strategic customers.