Stefan Bohlin

Stefan has combined his own start-ups, ventures and business development consultancy since he left school. His business consultancy approach has continually evolved due to constant curiosity,  striving for challenge and adaptation to business needs. From traditional sales and leadership courses some 20 years ago, to transformation and change programs to build authentic, reliable and sustainable businesses today. As authenticity has been a strong value and code in Stefan’s own businesses and consultancy, he decided to try to set a more robust and overall focus on our traditional view of corporations performance. Especially in relation to their customers, but also from a social perspective and to all other stakeholders. There are too many brooken customer promises today. There are too many sustainability initiatives that are just green-wash activities. There are too many who think trust is a question of communication. Stefan’s response to this is, Corporate Reliability, is an initiative that quickly has engaged a lot of corporates wanting to ensure they will not end up in situations like Volkswagen or many others delivering poor promise adherence.